GISON Air Chisel Chipping Hammer GP-891H

Quality: Industry. Chipping Hammer designed for rugged use in foundries, shipyards, refineries, fabrication shops and construction.

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1181 0 360x360 GISON Air Chisel Chipping Hammer GP 891H

Mike Sander’s Grease against corrosion

Mike Sander’s Grease against corrosion As a young man the german Mike (Michael) Sander went to Britain and felt in love with a britisch sports car. The restoration of the old and rusty car was difficult. This was the beginning for the innovation of Mike Sander’s Anti Corrosion Grease. Since the 1970s it has proofed [...]

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Paint your sports car motor in matching colors

Paint your sportscars motor in matching colors BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 is a high-qualitity coating Made in Germany. It provides rust prevention up to 15 years off-shore in salt water atmosphere. BRANTHO-KORRUX 3in1 is easy to apply – on steel, on aluminium, on stainless steel, on paintable plastics. It is available in about 50 colors. All are [...]

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